moving_boxes.jpgA message from Bishop Morgan: The time has finally arrived and we are on the move! A few days ago we were informed by Parker County officials that the process for acquiring property from along the eastern edge of our campground was being put into high gear. Last week we were informed we now have until Thursday, September 27, 2018, to fully vacate the properties. That means that as of that date, we will no longer be conducting business in the State Office building, the Centerpoint Road Church will be worshiping in another facility, and all occupants in the homes along Centerpoint Road will be relocated.

We have known for some time this was going to happen but the haste in which the county is moving has been a bit surprising. Of course, none of this takes our Lord off guard and He has already had us making some preparation. I simply want you to know how our plan is going to unfold. While you will be given more details at our MINISTERS MEETING on October 18-19, I do want you to be aware of the following.

First, we have a plan in place, in fact we have been working on this plan since we were notified we could expect a thirty day moving order. We are relocating the State Office to the old State Overseer's parsonage on the Campground. Work is already being done to accommodate the office on a temporary basis and we will continue to serve you from that location while a new office is being constructed on the property.

Second, the Caretaker will be moved into temporary housing on the Campground while this home is used for the State Office. Once the new building is completed, the Caretaker will be moved into the house as soon as possible.

Third, the Centerpoint Road congregation is working feverishly to secure a place where they can continue to worship and reach their community.

Please note that this transition is going to have an effect upon our ability to be readily available. In fact, the State Office will be closed the entire week of September 24-28 in order to facilitate the actual move. Pray for us and be patient with us as we work through the arduous process of moving over forty years worth of collected office materials.

Finally, I am convinced this time of disruption is going to bring about something great in the lives of everyone associated with the Church of God in Texas. I fully expect us to shine brightly as we move through the aggravation and complexity of moving and building a new complex. When we are done, you will have something that all Texas can point to with pride!

It is an honor to serve the Lord in your midst. Diane and I look forward to meeting each of you and spending time together in His presence!